Pemasaran Digital

Dezeek Digital – Podcast mengenai Pemasaran Digital dalam Bahasa Melayu

Apakah itu podcast?

Podcast merupakan content dalam bentuk audio. Seperti mana anda mendengar radio, podcast mempunyai topik tertentu yang sesuai dengan audien.

Selain daripada content berbentuk artikel, infografik dan video, podcast.

Podcast kini semakin mendapat tempat di dalam Malaysia. Zaman teknologi internet dan juga data kini lebih murah bahkan terdapat pelan yang unlimited, lebih memudahkan pengguna untuk mendengar podcast yang sesuai dengan jiwa mereka.

Dengan sukacita, kami ingin mengajak anda untuk mendapatkan input khusus mengenai digital marketing dalam bahasa Melayu.

Anda boleh dengar podcast kami melalui Spotify atau app Anchor sendiri.

Bagaimana nak buat podcast?

Anda perlu menggunakan pengehos podcast. Terdapat pelbagai pengehos yang menawarkan pakej yang percuma.

Kami menggunakan khidmat daripada

Jika anda download app Anchor di Google Play, anda boleh setup terus dan rakam menggunakan telefon pintar anda.


Bagaimana SERP Feature Boleh Bantu Untuk Dapatkan Ranking Zero?

Setiap kali kita buat carian di Google, anda boleh lihat beberapa jenis format hasil carian selain daripada iklan Google Ads dan juga website.

Ia juga boleh digunakan  untuk memastikan website dan konten anda mendapat tempat yang tinggi di tangga 0. Lebih baik daripada kedudukan #1.

Berikut ialah senarai SERP feature hasil daripada analisa SEMrush.

  • Featured Snippet
  • Local Pack
  • Reviews
  • AMP
  • Site Links
  • Video or Featured Video
  • Top Stories
  • People Also Ask
  • Images
  • Twitter
  • Instant Answer
  • Knowledge Panel.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Makes the World Go Round

Internet marketing relies on high search engine rankings for success. Knowing this basic fact is critical for you if you have a website. This articles lists an array of tips and tricks that can improve your search engine rank.

Your first step is to learn the basics about search engine optimization. The relevance of websites is determined by programs judging certain criteria.

People have created software that is automatically able to make decisions about individual web pages based on intricate formulas. This automation can be improved by using Search Engine Optimization.

Start a brand new website or make changes to the one you already have to meet the standards set by search engines.

Search engines consider many factors when it come to ranking your site.

Keywords have a great influence on your website’s ranking. Activity and links going from and to your site affect site rankings as well.

You should also be very patient when utilizing search engine optimization, as it takes time for the rankings to adjust.

Always continue looking for ways to make your site work better with search engine bots. Make sure to put plenty of keywords in your main text in addition to subheadings and titles.

Overall, there really is no way to “buy” a better ranking for your site. You could however pay to have your website appear in featured results.

Unfortunately, many people will ignore these spots. Larger businesses tend to dominate these link areas.

Optimizing your site without using phrases or keywords can be achieved. You can ask that other websites link to you if you are linked to them.

If you strike a reciprocal link arrangement with another website, you can get an off-site link by providing one of your own.

Targeted visitors are described as people who are specifically interested and searching for the products or services that you have to offer.

These type of visitors are not just looking, but they are shopping as well. They came to find something they want or need.

You will get visitors who found your website by chance. Do not expect to generate sales with this kind of audience. With an attractive website, it sticks in the minds of your visitors, and they will remember to come back if need be.

You do not want these types of customers. You want dedicated customers who are actively seeking out a product like the one you have to offer. This is the reason that proper keywords are so essential to your website. Additionally, you need to determine what sites your clients visit.

You will need a great webpage for your business. If you get your business over the internet, then a great website is even more important for you.

The site optimization tips in this article will point you in the right direction.

If you are looking for SEO service in Malaysia, you can contact Dezeek Media team to assist you.