4 Management Secrets That Make Your Business Succeed

One of the essential factors when it comes to business success is quality management. So having the right person with the right skills set and experience on a managing position can literally make or break a company. According to Gallop, managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores across business units. Yet, companies tend to fail to choose the right candidate with the right talent for the manager job 82% of the time. And this, in return, leads to poor results and a visible lack of success.

Successful managers have their own tips and tricks to help propel a company forward even from it’s beginning and this article features some of them. So if you want to learn more on how to improve your management skills, continue reading.

Creating a productive work environment

This is the first, and probably the most important step. Building and fostering intrapersonal relationships with the people you work with is essential for creating a productive environment. Employees need to see their manager as trustworthy, caring, knowledgeable and decisive, someone they can rely on and get guidance from. In addition, they need them to help them understand their company and policies better so that they can engage more. Otherwise, the company hierarchy will crumble.

The importance of good employee management skills becomes even more evident if you look at the following numbers, in two large-scale studies in 2012 only 30% of U.S. employees were engaged at work, and just 13% worldwide. So a manager needs to be the one to motivate the employees, help them reach their full potential and provide them with all the necessary support so that they can up their performance thus improving the overall success of the company.

Having all the data

A good manager collects all the available data before making any type of decision. For any company operating on a global level, it is vital that the gathered information covers all the areas where the company has its interest. So if a company, for example, is based in Hong Kong, and at the same time has operations in the US and Europe, a manager needs to get data from all three locations in order to make an executive decision regarding any given subject.

Not only that, a manager also needs to know the current state of the company, so it would be a wise decision to opt for ESG reporting in Hong Kong in order to be able to estimate the future financial performance of the company, and to see where adjustments can be made as to improve the current state and attract more investors. Gathering data and knowing how to use the information you are provided with constitutes a large portion of a manager’s job description.

Following through

Good decision making and the ability to follow through are essential traits of a great manager. Any decision that you make needs to be backed by data and research so that there is little to no probability of failure. Next, it is essential that you as manager follow through on what you have said or decided. Giving up or failing will not reflect well on the company nor on you as a manager. And following through is only possible if you have a clear vision and execution plan.

Of course, you can adjust it a bit along the way but the goal should remain the same. This type of management helps build trust not only among your employees but with your clients as well. Seeing that your company delivers on what it has offered is a great way of building long-term partnerships with other companies and clients.

Investing in personal growth

In order for a manager to demand certain skills and knowledge from their employees, they also need to improve their own and to invest in their own education and skill improvement. One of the biggest dangers for managers is stagnancy, to get stuck in your ways and unwilling to bend and adapt to new and different working conditions that are dictated by the industry.

According to Liz Elting, co-CEO of business language services firm TransPerfect, “The biggest threat to a successful business is becoming static and losing a desire for innovation,”. This is something that is very true for both the business and the managers. And that is why investing in personal growth and knowledge-gain is so essential.

The lack of effort is usually blamed on the lack of time, but with the right organization there can always be a free slot for learning new things and engaging in new endeavors, all that is needed is a bit of willpower. Finally, a good manager understands that if they don’t work on getting better and keeping up with current trends both they themselves and their company are at risk of being run over by time and innovation leading the business industry.

So there you have it, the four essential management secrets to help you get your business to the top and help it stay there.


Victor T. Miller, a Sydney-based business and marketing specialist who has expanded businesses over 5 years. I am a person who loves to inform people about the latest news in the marketing industry also as sharing tips and advice based on my professional experience and knowledge.


Koleksi Tutorial Video Opencart dalam Bahasa Melayu

Apa itu Opencart?

Opencart merupakan salah satu sistem pengurusan kandungan (content management system CMS) untuk tujuan e-commerce. Ia merupakan sumber terbuka (open source)


Di sini kami senaraikan tutorial untuk menggunakan Opencart dalam bahasa Melayu.

  1. Tutorial memasukkan produk ke dalam website Opencart

1. Tutorial memasukkan produk ke dalam website Opencart

Digital Marketing

How All Businesses Can Offer a Seamless Experience for their Digital Consumers

The reason why online shopping is so powerful and effective is that it is seamless, or at least it should be. Today’s customers can now expect to see a product on their favorite social media platform, click on it, and then be immediately taken to that product page. If it is easy to cross platforms and to continue one action seamlessly from app to app, you will get your sale. You can bank on the power of advertising and create a want that feels like a need.

If, on the other hand, it is difficult to get from the ad to the product, you introduce obstacles. Obstacles give your potential customer an opportunity to change their mind. You introduce doubt by making it difficult to find the right size or check out. Erase this doubt, improve your customer’s experience, and grow your business by following this guide.

Don’t Think of Your Different Profiles as Separate

The best way to improve your conversion rate is to treat all of your profiles as one single, flowing entity. You don’t want to put up one aesthetic on your Instagram page, another on your Facebook page, and another still on your website. You want to provide a seamless experience so that users can feel like they are using the same brand. Combine this brand experience with easy tools so that users can switch from one profile to another with minimal steps involved.

Create Marketing Campaigns that Cross Platforms

Marketing needs to be done with consideration to all the mediums and how those mediums can be used most effectively. This way, you can boost your social media following and your conversion rate simultaneously. Think of each platform as a chapter, and your digital marketing strategy as the novel.

Work on SEO

SEO is at the core of digital success because nowadays, it emphasizes user experience. By improving SEO and auditing what you already have, you can boost both your organic reach and search engine ranking. Without this focus on SEO, your advertising efforts will be minimal.

Outsource for Optimized Performance

If you do not have the resources, talent, or time to take on your digital marketing effectively, then stop trying. It is okay to outsource your marketing strategy and digital optimization when you cannot do it in-house. In fact, it can even lead to greater results as you are relying on professional knowledge and tools, rather than trying to learn as you go. To make things easier, try using an agency like Vine Digital, which can take on many of your digital woes from SEO, to PR, to CRO and turn them from problems to boons for your company.

Whether you operate a local store or sell products entirely online, you will always have a vested interest in improving the digital experience you can offer your customers. By optimizing your presence, you can improve customer service, your relationship with your customers, your search engine ranking, and so much more. It is a process, however, so start today and continue improving and marketing yourself every day forward.


How the Internet of Things Is Changing the Worlds Most Important Industries

How the Internet of Things Is Changing the World’s Industries

Internet of Things Impact on Industries

The world is full of important industries, and a number of them are being impacted today by the latest phenomenon in technological advances – the Internet of Things. From healthcare and manufacturing to the industry of renewable energy, the IoT is busy making full-scale improvements and bringing forward important advances that otherwise may not have been forecasted for years to come.

To see how the IoT is changing some of these important industries, learn more below.


The Internet of Things is not just changing healthcare; it’s drastically improving it. It is doing so thanks to the fact that it allows medical professionals the chance to monitor data in real time, even when they’re not there to monitor it themselves. Specifically, it allows health providers the chance to track their patients. For example, ‘smart beds’ are one such type of technology that does this as it alerts nurses whenever a patient of theirs leaves their bed. If you want to discover why IoT and healthcare go hand in hand, you can find out more at IoT Solutions World Congress. If you’re seeking to start your own healthcare business any time soon, then doing so is certainly recommended.


The industry of manufacturing may not always get the credit it is due, but one thing for sure is that without it, the world would not be the same. It’s true, the world is seeing a lot of changes thanks to IoT in manufacturing, and this is for a number of reasons. One reason is that the Internet of Things makes the collecting of data and the subsequent secure storage of it as easy and proficient a process as it ever has been in manufacturing. Another reason is that smart assembly, which reduces downtime and increases precise delivery, can now be used by all manufacturing enterprises. It’s clear to see just what impact the IoT is having on the industry of manufacturing, even if you don’t see what impact the industry itself has on your life.

Energy utilities

The world is slowly but surely pushing itself towards using green sources to keep itself powered. The defining factor in this push forward is the industry of energy utilities, and a massive factor in the continuing success of this industry is the recent implementation of the Internet of Things into it.

The way in which the IoT is impacting the energy utility industry is the way it is making homes connected. More to the point, it is the way the IoT is connecting homes in a way that allows them to run off solar and wind power easily, as well as the fact that it is making smart meters and thermostats available for all to buy.

The Internet of Things is making both small and low scale changes to the workplace, and the world. From being a fixture of homes and allowing homeowners the chance to turn their light off without getting up, to being an integral part of all the important advances in modern-day healthcare, the IoT truly is making an impact.


How to start your business on the right foot

Deciding to start your own business is exciting, but if you want your new enterprise to succeed,there are certain steps you need to taketo make this happen. Read our guide on how to start your business on the right foot and give your business the foundation it requires to flourish.

 Acquire the right backing

Although you may think it’sbest to useyour own money to start up abusinessbecauseif things go wrong nobody butyou will be affected, but it actually makes more sense to use reliable investors.With investorsand even a loan, you could start your business with much more money than you initially thought, allowing you to set up your business and premises to an excellent standard. BonsaiFinance recommends CashNetUSA as this lending companyis legitimate and is a prominent online lender.

 Create an excellent business plan

A business plan serves several purposes. Initially, you will require a realisticplan to convince financial backers that your business is a worthwhile investment. A business plan is also the perfect way to focus on the purpose of your business, your goals and the way in which you will achieve these goals and sustain your business.A business plan needs to include the exact nature of your business, the type of consumer you will attract, how your business differs from others, information regarding competitors and their success rates, and accurate and realistic profit projections for the coming years.If you aren’t confident that you have the organizationalskills to create an impressive business plan, hire a professional.

 Be dedicated

The passion you felt the moment you came up with your perfect business idea needs to remain throughout the process. Running your own business is hard work, during hard times and successful periods. You will need to make sacrifices before you reap the benefits,and this is whyyou need to be dedicatedto making your business a success. You can expect to be working up to 70 hours per week as you try to establish your business and your social life, and even your family life could suffer as a result.You cannot afford to be side-tracked, andif you do have a family, you will need to explain to them that you need to work long hours in the short term to reap the benefits of a successful business.

 Don’t burn out

Although you must expect to be working long hours, especially as your business becomes established, it is important to factor in time for relaxation. Eat healthily, schedule regular breaks and ensure you get sufficient sleep each night. Don’t burn the candle at both ends and as tempting as it is to host business meetings over dinner and drinks, don’t get carried away. After all,alcohol and late night are a sure-fire way to burn out quickly!

 Create the perfect brand

Branding is extremely important and is an immediate indicationofthe natureof your business. Tocreate the appropriate brand for your new business, you need to understand your customers. Think about what your company has to offer customers andother businesses, and even to the environment. Is yours an ethical business? Is it a family-run company? Do you want to encourage a friendly, interactive vibe around your brand, or is yours a strictly informative and fiercely professional business? Getting to the crux of what your business offers will help you create a logo, choose a colorscheme for your website, and determine the type of content you write for your web pagesand blogs.

 Create the perfect website

Every global business is web-based in some manner which is why you need to create a user-friendly, easy-to-read website. Visitors to your site will be drawnto your site via search engines, which is why your content needs to take advantage of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. SEO helps to keep your website at the top of search pages, making yours the company site potential customers will visit. Once visitors have clicked onto your site, you will need to keep them there. You can do this using eye-catching images, and interesting content.High quality, appropriate images are known to entice visitors to read content, andyou can acquire top-quality stock images from a variety of free sources. Again, if you aren’t confidentinproducing the content for your website, you should hire a professional content writer to do this for you. Alternatively, you can employ a company or professional to take care of the entire site.

Blog often

Many people enjoy finding out about other people’s personal lives, andit is no different when you are a business mogul. Make your customers part of the journey by including a personal blog about your business journey. Visitors to your site will want to revisit your blog for the next intriguing installment. If you don’t mind being in the limelight, includeimages of yourself on business trips, relaxing, or interacting with clients. Should your business not be the kind to be so personal, a blog is still essential but will be of a very different nature. Strictly professional blogs should be informative and contain up-to-date information. Use current affairs and daily news as inspiration and invite readers to leave comments and share their own experiences 

Use social media

Social media is a brilliant way to show off your product or services, interact with consumers, and to network with other businesses. Ensure your branding is consistent on your website, and on all social media sites, soyourcompany is easily identifiable no matter what platform is accessed. Post relevant statuses, images and tweetsand always react to comments quickly and professionally. Social media pages can be used to get users to share your business via competitions or simply by users commenting on your page.If you do plan to run competitions on your pages, ensure you read the terms and conditions for each site carefully, so you do not break any rules or legislation.

Digital Marketing

How to Market Niche Companies

In many ways, if you have a tightly focused niche, your marketing strategy can be more straightforward than a business with a widermarket. It makes the job of creating an avatar for your ideal customer a lot easier, and you will have a more specific set of media outlets for your advertising. The basic principles of good marketing practise will still apply, but your spread will be simplerto define. You’ll also have a more direct voice to the potential customers for your business; with a less focused niche you would have to get your message out to many people, only some of whom will be interested, whereas marketing a specialist niche allows you to get your message to a far higher proportion of people who are likely to be interested in what you’re selling.


The concept of the avatar is to create a picture of the person most likely to be interested in your product,and can be further developed to target the kind of people that you want to be working with. In any business, there will be timewasters and tire kickers, who take up your time and resources but are more trouble than they’re worth. By factoring in the incomes and attitudes of people most likely to spend money with you, your avatar becomes a guide to the most appropriate places to target your marketing efforts. Say for example you sell specialist gaming equipment, perhaps Xbox external hard drive products. Your avatar needs to reflect the demographicof people who have both the need and the wherewithalto purchase such products. If you haven’t already got detailed information, find out the statistics for the ages and incomes of gamers who are likely to want external storage for their games consoles, and build this into your avatar.


Once your avatar is fully formed, you can then analysewhich publications and websites a person fitting that mold ismostlikely to frequent. Thisenables you to select the platforms that will reach the highest proportions of potential customers. Using the gaming hard drives as an example again, to get the best, most effective exposure, you will want to put advertising or relevant copy into a specialist gaming magazine or website, rather than a site that attracts new gamers or people who only play occasionally. The platform with the more general approach may get a much higher rate of visits, but only a small number of those people are likely to be interested in specialist gaming tech. On the more tightly focused site, the readership may be a lot lower, but the proportion of users likely to be interestedin your product will be much higher. In other words, it’s better to be reaching fifty per centof an audience of 10,000 than 1 per cent of an audience of 100,000.

When it comes to marketing a niche business, the numbers of people reached are largely irrelevant. It’s the numbers of people you reach who have the need and ability to buy from you that counts.


Why Game Reviews Are Important Before Purchasing One

Gaming started long time ago when there were brick games and other 8-bit video games. Atari and Sega were the most famous gaming giants of their times. There won’t by anyone who has grown up without playing these games. With time, development was also seen in the gaming technology. The graphics, storyline and the gaming consoles all started getting upgraded and soon the whole industry was seeing a revolution. These days while the development of a game, a lot of emphasis is put on the graphics of the game. The better the graphics and images, the more are the chances of getting the game a hit.

When the computers were developed and made commercial, the gaming industry also did their best to develop the games for the PCs. Soon after that many games were introduced. Initially they were also 8-bit and not of a very high quality but then better versions were also introduced. Some very famous PC games are The Lion King, Delta Force, The Doom and Need for Speed. Even though a lot of gamers shifted to PC where they were able to store and play multiple games at a single platform, the gaming industry didn’t back down to the computers and worked to manufacture a game which can also store and have multiple high quality games at a single platform. Thus producing the latest gaming consoles.

Sony which is the leader in providing the home entertainment produced Play Station and regained the spot among the gamers once again with a gaming console. The games were especially developed for the console and created several fans globally. There are several games developed by several manufacturers. If you are looking for games and don’t know about them at all, you can Game Guide World which is providing all the details about gaming and all the games of various platforms. Prior purchasing a game it is best to find details about it. You can find an overview of the game, its storyline, pros and cons and many other related details.

For instance take Age of Empire. The game which was loved by many since its release in 1997. The game was developed by Microsoft and has maintained a constant fan following since then. The game was inspired from Warcraft and Command & Conquer. It mixed the elements from all these games and produced a game with historical aspects. The game is about the resource management and strategy. It requires the player to think and plan a strategy which can out-think the opponent in terms of not only the economy but unit choice as well. The game teaches the player to spend most of their time balancing the resources and finding the right type of units. Despite being an outdated game, it has been loved by several people. There are two basic ways to look at the game. First will be, by looking at the latest 2018 strategy title of the game and second is by viewing it by observing the time which has passed and the game is still here loved by many.


Subtle reasons why PC gaming is a great pass-time

Despite PC gaming’s long history in the late ‘80s and ‘90s, it wasn’t until the 21stCentury that PC gamers really became fan favorites of the myriad of different games being developed each year.

In fact, because of the ease of accessibility of PC and laptops, PC games are steadily gaining traction in the realm of gaming, looking poised to surpass the likes of hardcore gaming consoles such as the Xbox and the PlayStation.

Keeping this in mind, here are some of the reasons why PC gaming is the go-to gaming option for most enthusiastic gamers today.

Games are relatively cheaper

If one happens to be a gamer rolling on a tight budget, then PC games offer a financial reprieve that many console games fail to do. In fact, it’s safe to say that PC games are much cheaper than the average console game in so many instances.

Here’s the main reason why: normally, console games are created as walled gardens, while in the realm of PC gaming, different game stores have to put up attractive prices in order toget a piece of one’s money. This stiff competition is what promotes such favorable pricesfor the average PC gamer

Larger variety of games

In the PC gaming structure, there is an open nature available, meaning that any developer looking to create a game can do so, leading to the development of a myriad of indie titlesgracing the computer platform.

For examplethe developer Steam, proceeded to add an impressive 8games a day for the first seven months in 2015, as per the PC Gamer reports.

Moreover, because of the largepotential market in the PC realm, failing to release a computer version for any triple-A game doesn’t make any sense for the third-party developer, as they would be missing out on a relatively large and continuously expanding market.

Freedom to play how one is accustomed

The biggestdifference between PC and other consoles is compatibility. In the case of PC, one is allowed to play a game according to their preference. If they happen to be fans of thekeyboard and mouse, then there are options to do so.

On the other hand, if they are fans of console style of gaming, then there are many compatible USB/Bluetooth enabled consoles that can make the gaming experience just as seamless as gaming on a console.

Moreover, for optimum HD resolution and performance, one can check out the Dell S2417Dg Review that’s the rave in town.

Hardware and graphic preferences to meet one’s budget

The great thing about PC gaming is that an individual has the power to tweak the graphics for a better gaming experience, or to reduce the graphics in order to accommodate the specs of their laptops.

On the other hand, consoles have a fixed specification spectrum when it comes to gaming. That is why one is always forced to buy a new console every couple of years after the console company releases a new one to cash in on their popularity.

Surprisingly, one can simply upgrade different components of their desktop such as the RAM and the graphics card to make their desktops completely adaptable to advanced gaming!

Image from Techradar


How Technology Has Changed The Workplace

Technology has disrupted many things, among them the workplace. It is business unusual as technology becomes more embedded in the running of many businesses. There are fears that robots will take human jobs but even before looking into the future, the workplace has evolved from what it was 10-20 years ago because of new technologies.

Manual filling systems are a thing of the past thanks to cloud storage from where you can access your data wherever and whenever you need it. The way businesses communicate and hire their staff has also changed, thanks to technology.

Here’s how technology has changed the workplace.


Technology has massively changed the way people communicate on a personal level and at a business level.  Workplace communicationhas become simpler, convenient and cheaper reducing operational costs and improving productivity.

Decisions that would have taken several meeting to come up with can now be discussed through emails and video conferencing saving the costs of organizing a physical meeting and the logistical issues involved.

This has led to closer collaborations among individuals and departments who now have faster means of communication at their fingertips. Furthermore, it has also enable big organizations to forge a close working relationships amongst there branches in different regions and countries.


Most companies now handle their entire recruitment process online. They post a job on their company website or at any of the job sites, you apply through a portal and if shortlisted, you have your interviews online too. This has saves costs for both the applicant and the employer.

For a job seeker, you have a lot of resources at your disposal that can help you better position yourself in the labour market. With sites like Iresumecoverletter.Com, you can have your resume and cover letter customized for a specific job application to boost your chances of getting shortlisted.

Remote office

There are a lot of successful enterprises that have never rented an office yet they still have clients and employees that they manage. This has been enabled by technology.

These days with a virtual private network (VPN) and a stable internet connection, you can practically work from anywhere. You log into your office network and you can practically do everything that pertains to your role but which doesn’t require your physical presence. The internet then becomes your office.

This has opened several opportunities for people to offer their services to anyone across the world. You could be living in England but working on a database for a client in Australia.

Professional development

Growing your skills and knowledge for the purposes of professional growth has never been easier. These days you can enrol in a virtual university and graduate with a degree that is as credible as any other without stepping into a classroom. You can now learn at your own time and convenience without disrupting your work.

Better yet, you can now grow your skills on the internet through platforms like Udacity, Udemy and many others which offer free courses or at considerably lower fees.


Professional Graphic Design Service

We are now offering professional graphic design service for your business needs. We have talented in-house designers, based in Ipoh, Perak to assist you and come up with creative concept for your advertising and marketing campaign.

Things we do including:

  • website design (obviously)
  • logo design
  • branding & corporate identity
  • Facebook Ads – from FB ad image to setting up the campaign
  • packaging design for your product
  • wedding design concept from invitation cards, banner, bunting, sticker etc.
  • video animation, explainer video
  • content marketing – article, infographics, videos, quotes etc.

Well, if it’s related to design, we will try our best to satisfy your needs. No job is too small.