Dear all corporate and professional events manager.

Are you organizing an event in the next 3 – 6 months?

You must have ample time to promo your event. But do you have the right team to do it for you?

Do you need a team of specialist to help market your event?

Find no more.

Dezeek Media is your one stop digital agency for your event marketing needs. No, we don’t provide the space for your event.

What we do is getting people aware of your event. Not everyone is you don’t want to.

But we are good at getting the right audience for your event, to aware, to know, to like and finally attend your event.

We are happy to talk to you regarding your requirements.

We have experience in managing last year’s Regional Youth Convention 2016 in Bangi, seminars, non-profit and charity events.

Contact us now to get your FREE quotation today.


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