Despite PC gaming’s long history in the late ‘80s and ‘90s, it wasn’t until the 21stCentury that PC gamers really became fan favorites of the myriad of different games being developed each year.

In fact, because of the ease of accessibility of PC and laptops, PC games are steadily gaining traction in the realm of gaming, looking poised to surpass the likes of hardcore gaming consoles such as the Xbox and the PlayStation.

Keeping this in mind, here are some of the reasons why PC gaming is the go-to gaming option for most enthusiastic gamers today.

Games are relatively cheaper

If one happens to be a gamer rolling on a tight budget, then PC games offer a financial reprieve that many console games fail to do. In fact, it’s safe to say that PC games are much cheaper than the average console game in so many instances.

Here’s the main reason why: normally, console games are created as walled gardens, while in the realm of PC gaming, different game stores have to put up attractive prices in order toget a piece of one’s money. This stiff competition is what promotes such favorable pricesfor the average PC gamer

Larger variety of games

In the PC gaming structure, there is an open nature available, meaning that any developer looking to create a game can do so, leading to the development of a myriad of indie titlesgracing the computer platform.

For examplethe developer Steam, proceeded to add an impressive 8games a day for the first seven months in 2015, as per the PC Gamer reports.

Moreover, because of the largepotential market in the PC realm, failing to release a computer version for any triple-A game doesn’t make any sense for the third-party developer, as they would be missing out on a relatively large and continuously expanding market.

Freedom to play how one is accustomed

The biggestdifference between PC and other consoles is compatibility. In the case of PC, one is allowed to play a game according to their preference. If they happen to be fans of thekeyboard and mouse, then there are options to do so.

On the other hand, if they are fans of console style of gaming, then there are many compatible USB/Bluetooth enabled consoles that can make the gaming experience just as seamless as gaming on a console.

Moreover, for optimum HD resolution and performance, one can check out the Dell S2417Dg Review that’s the rave in town.

Hardware and graphic preferences to meet one’s budget

The great thing about PC gaming is that an individual has the power to tweak the graphics for a better gaming experience, or to reduce the graphics in order to accommodate the specs of their laptops.

On the other hand, consoles have a fixed specification spectrum when it comes to gaming. That is why one is always forced to buy a new console every couple of years after the console company releases a new one to cash in on their popularity.

Surprisingly, one can simply upgrade different components of their desktop such as the RAM and the graphics card to make their desktops completely adaptable to advanced gaming!

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