A business can hardly find a way to perform even its basic operations if they are not proficient in Digital Marketing.

The Digital Marketing Case Studies that we are going to cover in this post will help to empower you on understanding the key benefits of Digital Marketing for you.

Actually, marketing in one sense can be basically viewed as the process of communication with the clients or the customers in their own language on the various platforms being used by them.

Starting a business surely involves you to hustle a lot but with proper marketing, you can enjoy the ease of most things being facilitated.

Not long before the advent of digital marketing, new and small businesses found it extremely difficult to establish themselves in the list of big companies.

Digital marketing facilitates the businesses not only to expand easily by allowing them to reach a global or local audience. It also can help to compete with established brands by rendering their services globally but also by facilitating the easy sharing of proposals with the clients by just a click.

It facilitates the operations and growth of the business by allowing marketers to understand customer behaviors.

One can easily take the aid of digital marketing professionals at your disposal.

As per the statistics, Digital Ad Spend is going to cross $375 billion by the end of 2021.

Digital marketing case studies surely are an exemplary way of inspiration that one can take the aid of, for learning the strategies and the ways by the usage of which they can avoid commuting mistakes in digital marketing to a great extent.

Search Campaign Case Studies in Malaysia

1. Amanie Advisors

They are an Islamic financial advisory company based in Dubai, UAE. Being in the business for more than 10 years, it is unfortunate where their online presence is not that visible.

After running a website audit and understanding their requirements, we manage to run both SEO and SEM to boost their online presence and search ranking.

Eventhough their business is very niche and low volume, it is important to get on the top of this category.

2. Hafiz Repair Services

Hafiz Repair Services is a white goods handyman in Kajang, Selangor. He has been doing Google Ads using Google Adwords Express for few months.

He have spent more than RM1,000 a month but getting very small number of leads. His cost per conversion goes up to RM 45.

After getting professional Google Ads service from Dezeek, his cost per conversion becomes somewhere between the range of RM 4 to RM5.

3. Muzil Maju

They are an e-hailing driver recruitment agency. Running few campaigns to help people make extra income as e-hailing drivers, he does not sure whether his campaign is good or not.

When he approached us in 2019, we crafted a solid campaign for this high competition business.

They managed to get more sign-ups within their desired Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

Since pay-per-click is not enough, running a good SEO strategy is very crucial. This is where they engaged us to manage SEO and content marketing.

Within 3 months, his website is on the 1st page of Google result. The ranking just gotten better from time to time.

4. NineZero

One of the highest volume search are supplements for increasing performance during sexual relationship. In Malaysia, this is commonly known as 'ubat kuat'.

This category of product is not allowed to be advertised on Facebook ads. So this is where Google ads is very useful to attract buyers.

NineZero sells premium male enhancement supplement and having tough competition to get on the top of the page.

After engaging Dezeek, we manage to help them to get good results with better CTR and Conversion rates.

5. Tenby International School

Facebook & Google Ads

6. Cool Mum Super Dad

Instagram & Email Marketing

7. Printar Ipoh

SEO, Facebook & Chatbot

8. Kad Dansa

Content marketing & lead magnet

9. Lee Service Provider

Google Ads

10. Barakah Homestay

Google Ads

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