Are you having problems to get proven results from your Google Ads campaign?

Do you want to learn how to do it the right way from experienced marketing trainer?

We can help you! This is the right training to help you and your team.

Topics covered:

  • Google Ads account creation & billing setup
  • understanding campaign objective and bidding strategy
  • funnel and advertising budget
  • Ad Rank and Quality Score
  • best practice in campaign structure
  • types of keyword match
  • preparing ads assets and extensions
  • integration with Google services
  • setting up conversion tracking for ecommerce or lead generation
  • understanding audiences - affinity, in-market and remarketing
  • advertiser verification


  • RM 900 / pax
  • RM 1,600 / 2 pax
  • RM 2,100 / 3 pax (small group coaching)


Coaching will be conducted in Klang Valley, either at your office or our designated co-working space.

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How to sign up?

Contact us to book your slot today!

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