Guest Post

We are happy to announce that we are opening our website blogs for guest post opportunity.

But in return, we need you write and share some backlinks to my websites as well. We need backlinks to related keywords like:

  • digital marketing service
  • search engine optimization service
  • Google Ads
  • anything related with Google for business & marketing

If you write on other authority sites related to these topics. Not on any random websites with low Domain Authority & Page Authority.

You can write topics related to business strategy, trends, marketing in general. 

Your articles need to be between 500-800 words per article.

We prefer evergreen content e.g.:

  • listicles – articles of list with 10+ items in the title.
  • how to / tutorial
  • essential guide / always updated guide
  • checklist / blueprint
  • tips & techniques

I also like if you embed infographic or Youtube videos into these articles.

Not necessarily your video, just grab any video from any Youtuber such as Neil Patel or others. 

You also can structure a series of articles where you can do internal links between those articles of yours. 

Article format

  1. Title – with numbers if relevant
  2. Excerpt / teaser
  3. Article content – 500-800 words
  4. Link – 3 external links & 1 internal link
  5. Featured image – You can get from Pexels, PicJumbo, Unsplash, Freepik. Please give credit to original image source if required to do so.
  6. Infographic from Pinterest / Youtube (optional)
  7. Author info/bio – get your email & profile picture in Gravatar

Readibility test

We prefer if you can run readibility test before you send us the articles. You can use these tools. Make sure you get the Flesh-Kincaid test above 50 marks. Break long paragraphs and write short sentences will help you to achieve that.

If you are interested with our terms, feel free to contact us today.