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We are a digital marketing that focuses on SEO and Google Search Ads.

Are you looking for an affordable SEO service to grow the traffic into your website?

Professional or experts in SEO won’t do it for cheap. But you really want good results.

How SEO works?

Before we look any further, lets’ understand what is SEO first and how does it works?

Benefits of SEO

Legitimate SEO specialists takes time to grow traffic for your website. We are not a magic pill that automatically brings traffic. It takes time, nurturing and lots of patience. With that, if you’ve got questions, this is where you ask them.

Search, paid or organic?

It is not impossible to learn how to apply SEO to your website by yourself. There are a few steps that you must master to start growing traffic which include:

1 – Keyword Research

There are few tools to do keyword research. I prefer the free ones like SEMrush.

2 – On-page Optimization

This is the most important part of SEO whereby we create websites following the Google guideline. Google focuses on user experience. This is very tricky. You need to know what a user really wants when it comes to websites.

Google also prefers a good mobile experience. Remember that more than 60% of websites are viewed through a mobile device.

Google has also introduced the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP). This is very useful for magazines or news blogs as it publishes articles.

Permalinks or the URL of each page needs to be optimized in order to ensure the right keywords that can bring relevant traffic to your website.

3 – Off-page Optimization

Backlinks are not how it used to be.

Yes, it is still relevant and very important. However, it is not necessarily needed in quantity.

Google ranks your website based on the quality of the link

One of the main aspects in getting backlinks is from relevant people or authorities from certain websites or blog categories.

Domain authority (DA) of a particular website also contributes to the value of your website.

4 – Content Creation

SEO doesn’t work without good content. The most common types of content is obviously blog articles.

A good article needs to be between 700-1000 words. To show that the website knows what it is talking about, the article has to be in-depth and show valued research.

Google also highly values video content. It is popular as Youtube and most social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter incorporates video into their feed.

By having a successful combination of both video and article content, SEO may just be a walk in the park for you.

Our Clients Result

This is taken from Google Analytics.

We have optimized the website for our client and within 30 days, the website received more than two time the number of traffic

Seriously consider using SEO in Malaysia as the price is exteremely value-for-money for all business owners.

SEO Malaysia Price

Affordable price for every business owners!

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Frequently Asked Question

How long usually it takes to get to the first page of Google?

It depends on the keywords, the density and competition. For english keyword, we have to compete with other english speaking countries.

For Malay keywords, it will takes somewhere between 3-5 months to get on the first page of Google search result.

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