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We are a digital marketing that focuses on SEO and Google Search Ads.

Are you looking for an affordable SEO service to grow the traffic into your website?

Professional or experts in SEO won’t do it for cheap.

Benefits of SEO

Here are 3 benefits of doing

Search, paid or organic?

But you still can learn how to do SEO by yourself. There are few steps that you must master to start your growing your traffics.

1 – Keyword Research

There are few tools to do keyword research. I prefer the free ones.


2 – On-page Optimization

This is the most important part in SEO where we make our website is following Google guideline.

Google focuses on user experience. This is tricky. We need to know what user really wants when they come to our website.

Google prefer good Mobile Experience. More than 60% website is viewed through mobile.

Google also has introduced Accelerated Mobile Page or AMP. This is very useful for magazine or news type of blog with a number of articles.

Permalinks or the URL of each page need to be optimized in order to get the right keyword that can bring relevant traffic to your website.

3 – Off-page Optimization

Backlinks is not how it used to be.

Yes, it still relevant and very important. But it doesn’t necessarily need more quantity.

Google ranks based on quality of the link.

One of the main aspect in getting backlinks is from relevant or authority in certain website/blog category.

Domain authority (DA) of that particular website also contribute how much worthy is our website.

4 – Content Creation

SEO doesn’t work without good content. The common type of content is obviously blog article.

A good article need to be between 700-1000 words. It must be in-depth and show the authority of the website owner.

Besides article, Google also values video content which is quite popular since we have Youtube and most social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

By having a combination of both video and article content, SEO is just a walk in the park.

Our Clients Result

This is taken from Google Analytics.

We have optimized the website of our client and within 30 days, the number of traffic started to climb more than 2x.

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