Digital Marketing Jobs (Full-time / Part time / Contract / Freelance / Internship)

We are growing and preparing for 2020!

We need someone to help us with all daily routine as a digital marketing consultant in my humble agency in Ipoh.

We need to manage our own brands (Dezeek Media, Printar, Kad Dansa etc) as well as our clients accounts.

What we are looking for as this role? You must have a combination of these roles:

Technical jobs scope:

  • WordPress lover
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Facebook Ads
  • content writer / blogger
  • copywriting (short/long form)
  • graphic design (knows how to resize/crop at least)
  • video editing (Kinemaster level is good)

Management scope:

  • good PR (coffee, email & community development, collection)
  • creative & critical thinking
  • manage digital ads campaign
  • business development (quotes, proposals, invoices, etc)

Technically, above is what we are doing on a daily basis. We know we can outsource these but managing a remote team is a big challenge.

Hence, we want to promote this job vacancy or internship opportunity to any people out there.

Salary & Allowance

For a full-time position, the range is between RM 1,500 – RM 2,000 / month, based on experience and performance.

For an internship, we will provide an allowance from RM25 per week for Diploma students and RM40 per week for Degree students.


  • KWSP
  • SIP
  • Staff perks

How to apply?

Feel free to send your resume, cover letter, expected salary to

Internship application

Fill up the form on this page.


Can I work remotely?

On certain projects/campaigns, you can work remotely. As long as you have a good internet connection and professional working attitude.

What are the working hours?

Usually, its Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. However, sometimes we have special events on weekends.

If you do websites, sometimes maintenance is required to be conducted at midnight when there is low traffic to avoid interruption.

We are a result-oriented company. As long as you manage to meet the deadline, you are good to go!

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